Civil, Criminal and Administrative Actions In Which Michael S. Gould
Has Testified or Provided Depositions and Affidavits For As An Expert In Canine Behavior

Ambridge, PA, 2017 (Use of Force)

Titus Rouse vs. State of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, 2017 (Criminal)

State of NY vs. Cesar Cuellar, N. Hempstead, NY, 2016 (Criminal)

Crespo vs. Beauton, Bridgeport, CT, 2016 (Use of Force)

Cox vs. Town of Oyster Bay, NY, 2015 (Dangerous Dog)

Fadden vs. Ferguson, Oswego, NY, 2015 (Civil)

Amalfitano vs. Town of TK, NY, 2014 (Dangerous Dog)

Scwartz vs. Town of Hempstead, NY, 2014 (Dangerous Dog)

Owner Name vs. Town of Brookhaven, NY, 2013 (Dangerous Dog)

Bongiovi vs. Town of Babylon, NY, 2013 (Dangerous Dog)

Sacher vs. Burwell, Kings County, NY, 2012 (Civil)

Balsamo vs. Town of Oyster Bay, NY, 2012 (Dangerous Dog)

Jasiulionis vs. Stark County, North Dakota, 2010 (Criminal)

Tobias vs. Rockville Centre, NY, 2009 (Dangerous Dog)

People vs. John Sheehan, Warren County, NY, 2008 (Criminal)

Smith vs. King, County of Nassau, NY, 2003 (Civil)

Badeaux vs. Nassau County Police Department, NY, 1998 (Use of Force)